Managing the world’s most complex payrolls

Managing your global payroll as your business grows around the globe.

Introduce a managed payroll service for your global workforce with a Netpaid Global team that has the depth of experience to…

Ensure full compliance with local taxation, benefits, social security, and pensions obligations .

Provide a full treasury service,
managing payments to the right people in the right currency .

Complete calculation of your payroll in accordance with all country legislation and regulation.

Produce country specific
reporting and in clients desired

One team for everything.

We provide the digital platform and managed service with expert payroll advice. A single team for everything and no passing you off to a third party when you need support.



Provide your payroll data, with manual inputs including timesheet, expenses, and bonuses. Approve your payroll and transfer the funds for settlement.

Ready to scale with you.

From a few employees to a few thousand, we mobilise to manage your global payroll, scaling with you as you build your global workforce.

Be compliant everywhere.

Banish the headache of non-compliance; fines, disruption, issues when auditing or submitting statutory accounts. Make non-compliance a thing of the past as we ensure you are legally compliant in every territory you operate in.

Payroll, checked.

Don’t lose sleep over reliability and accuracy with our team verifying your payroll data before processing your payroll, eliminating errors and re-work.

Critical insights .

Get the insights and drill down analysis you need from individual to local country payroll reporting on the metrics you need.

If you are being asked for large pre-paid deposits when setting up a global payroll, then your business case for the territory may be weakened.
Get expert advice.

Avoid future headwinds.

Be confident when making global acquisitions that you have partnered with a team that has the knowledge to deliver a reliable managed global payroll and can build a long-term relationship with you. 

Managing a global payroll?

You need to be confident that your colleagues are paid correctly and that you are compliant with country legislation every time. Get a health check with Netpaid Global payroll experts and discover if you’re meeting tax and pensions obligations in the territories you operate in.  

Get expert advice.


Rapid expansion without the payroll headache.

A rapidly expanding US company acquired six companies in six countries. Overnight the US Payroll Manager became the Global Payroll Manager faced with either upskilling fast, hiring professionals in each country at great expense, or sourcing a managed payroll service. It wasn’t long before fines were being issued for missed taxation and pension payments and employee pay queries started mounting up. Netpaid Global experts are now the payroll manager’s extended team providing the fully managed payroll for all six countries with more acquisitions planned.  


The different countries had different pay frequencies to be checked and processed, resulting in multiple currencies to be handled, all requiring to be compliant with local regulations, reporting and advice. 


Speak with a managed global payroll expert and start your journey with Netpaid Global today.