Our story

Netpaid Global’s origins stem from managing some of the most complex payrolls in the world.

We have been in your shoes, and understand the complexities of paying and servicing a global workforce. We set out to address the common frustrations that finance, HR and payroll professionals experience by simplifying the process coupled with outstanding customer service to make global payroll more enjoyable! 


Our journey began in maritime payroll – the most complex payroll globally. Our maritime heritage gave us experience of paying employees with many nationalities, and their multitude of banking systems and financial anomalies. From those early days we recognised there was a better way to cater to complex payroll requirements by using process improvements and the latest technology. 


We removed the unnecessary steps and frustrations to create a simple, transparent and reliable managed payroll service. 


If you have experienced customer service that passes you from one person to another, then we’re going to be a refreshing change when you’re assigned your team that stays with you from the outset. 

Trusting Advice

Global payroll is complex and requires technology coupled with deep payroll, legislative, and local knowledge to deliver a reliable value for money service. We have assembled a team of payroll professionals with true global experience. 


In Germany, churches can collect a ‘church tax’ (Kirchensteuer) from their members, and it is estimated that approximately half of German tax payers pay the church tax.

In the US, 65% of workers live paycheck-to-paycheck so there’s no room for delays or errors. With Netpaid Global’s 10 step payroll process, your colleagues avoid financial difficulties because their paycheck is accurate and on time, every time.



Speak with a managed global payroll expert and start your journey with Netpaid Global today.