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Whatever your challenge, we have a team of Netpaid Global payroll experts ready to assist with your global payroll. 

Growing with ambition.

Get expert insights to assist with expansion planning. Compliance and legal requirements will be met but if for example, employment costs in your next territory are high it could undermine the business case for entry. We give you the facts so you can make decisions with confidence. 


Local cultures, employment and tax laws often lead to nuances and patterns within your global payroll that can increase costs under the radar. So if you don’t know that in France, holiday pay is accrued in the previous 6 weeks and your commission based staff may be holding back sales to earn more holiday pay, then you could be paying more than you need to. We know the quirks and loopholes that are sometimes exploited and how to manage them and keep costs in check.  

Inheriting teams through acquisition.

Our experts frequently step in at short notice to assist when international teams become part of your global workforce. We help you review your inherited payroll processes to make sure you’re getting value for money, are compliant and most importantly your new colleagues are seamlessly paid without disruption.  


Trusted Advisors across 22 countries .

An organisation operating in 22 countries replaced their global HR system and outsourced their payroll to a third party. Everything was fine until employees started raising payroll queries that were passed to the payroll provider, who passed them straight back – “We do the calculations, that’s a question for HR”. The HR colleagues didn’t have the local knowledge and so need support quickly. We are now an extension of the team providing payroll advice and guidance for HR and employee’s payroll queries. 


Local payroll, taxation, benefits and pensions advice for the organisation’s global workforce.

Just under half of employees will start to look for a new job after two consecutive paycheck errors. Miscalculations and changes to tax codes are common sources of error. Netpaid Global’s robust 10 step payroll process acts as your safety net, protecting your employee experience.

American Payroll Association


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